S.T.E.A.M. Innovation resources


With the dawn of S.T.E.A.M. education, an explosion of interdisciplinary experimentation has elevated several organizations to new heights in higher ed and the private sector.

leading S.T.E.A.M. hubs:

  • MIT Media Lab
    MIT’s acclaimed lab helps multidisciplinary teams (including artists) transform academic ideas and research into tangible projects with a powerful impact on the local and global community.

  • Harvard ArtLab
    This brand new facility allows faculty, students, and artists to cross academic boundaries to explore possibilities through collaboration, exhibitions and performances, deepening the relationship between the school, its community, and the world.

  • RISD S.T.E.A.M. Initiative
    Rhode Island School of Design pioneered putting the “Art” in S.T.E.A.M., and receives funding through the National Science Foundation to make science visible, accessible to broader audiences, and create collaborative environments for interdisciplinary research.

  • SciArt Center
    This international organization fosters the convergence of science, art, and technology through conferences, exhibitions, publications, residency programs and micro grants.

my recent S.T.E.A.M. EXHIBITIONS include:

  • Infinite Potentials
    My international exhibition with the Cambridge University Stem Cell Institute explored the question: “If stem cells are the artistic medium of the future, what does this future look like?”

  • The Void and the Cloud
    My exhibition at The Urban Foundation Gallery in New York explored questions about the future of technology and what happens to the physical self in a digital. How will human nature evolve in the digital ether as our physical universe increasingly moves into the cloud?

  • Art & Science in Education Conference
    I was the Founding Curator of the “Art and Science: Two Cultures Converging” conference at the Helix Center, which brought together over 36 local experts in the fields of science, art, technology and education. Our roundtable discussions explored how to bridge the gulf between art, science, and society, methods of nurturing science-art collaboration, STEAM, and the future of education.

  • Distinguishable From Magic
    My exhibition at Collar Works Gallery in New York City explored the evolving definition of human identity with the advent of AI, robotics, cybernetics, virtual reality, biotech, and more. Our show investigated what it means to be human in the face of advancing technology.

  • Nature in the Dark @ The National Aquarium
    I fundraised and commissioned international artists to interpret scientific data and raise awareness of environmental crises including the degradation of water quality in port cities. My multi-sensory and participatory exhibitions were held at several sites including Melbourne, Australia and Baltimore.

  • Nature in the Dark @ Ynot Lot
    My public outdoor exhibition featured installation, video, sound, performance art, and web-based applications, inviting community engagement and celebrating the biodiversity of our vast aquatic eco-systems in Baltimore’s inner city.

  • Submerged
    In my exhibition at 164 Orchard Gallery in New York, I celebrated water and the life that occupies it. Even as science reaches new frontiers – like outer space and the human brain – our knowledge of our oceans remains limited. A variety of artists and scientists explored this timeless source of inspiration.

  • Embodied
    My exhibition at Sideshow Gallery in New York City explored what our bodies tell us about who we are. By exploring everything from our bones, gross anatomy, physiology, microbiology, neurobiology, evolution, genomes, and more, how can we begin to understand ourselves in new ways?

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