Marnie Benney is an Independent Curator working at the intersection of contemporary art and technology.

Over the last decade, she has produced 27 exhibitions in city centers, public spaces, galleries and festivals around the world including the New York Hall of Science, University of Cambridge London, the National Aquarium in Maryland, and The Nook Gallery in Los Angeles.

Benney’s work investigates the societal, cultural and future implications of technology through the lens of contemporary art. In 2019 Benney launched, the world’s largest community of artists using Artificial Intelligence, where she serves as Curator and provides a platform for artists to explore the future implications of AI on society.

Benney is Curatorial Advisor and a Board Member at SciArt Initiative, a leading international organization dedicated to fostering the convergence of science, art, and technology, which has been covered in publications including The New York Times & Forbes. Benney also serves as Curatorial Advisor to Lumen Art Prize, called “The world’s pre-eminent technology art prize” by The Guardian.

She has developed workshops and curriculums about the role of technology in art for Christie’s Education, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design and Rutgers, and was previously the Gallery Director at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design.

If you’re interested in my services – curating exhibitions and events, developing cultural programming, or giving presentations on the intersection of art and technology – please contact me at

Photo Credit: Emily Hlaváč Green Photography

Photo Credit: Emily Hlaváč Green Photography